Java Moss -1 Bunch

Before buy please check imagecarefully(orginal photo attached)Java Moss (Versicularia dubyana) is a common aquarium moss belonging to the Hypnaceae family. It attaches to rocks and roots and to driftwood. It is a slow starter until it has established itself.Java Moss does not require any special attention. It accepts all kind of waters, even weakly brackish, and all kind of light qualities at a wide range of temperature.It is especially popular among aquariasts raising fry (baby fish), to protect them from cannibalistic adults.NameJava MossTemperature20 - 30 C (68 - 86 F)PH Level6 - 8Light LevelVery Low - HighGrowth RateSlowOverall DifficultyEasyPer Leaf sizeMax length approx 7 cm to 10 cm

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Java Moss -1 Bunch

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